Granite Peak Industries Companies

Serving the Rocky Mountain Region

Granite Peak Fabrication

Granite Peak Fabrication is a full-service engineering, drafting, and fabrication company serving the oil and gas, wind and solar, water, electrical, and steel industries.

Granite Peak Transloading

Granite Peak Transloading provides material handling, transloading, storage, warehousing, and inventory management services and solutions to its customers.

Cheyenne Logistics Hub

Cheyenne Logistics Hub is the railroad backbone and operation throughout the Swan Ranch Industrial Park (a Granite Peak Development project), which is located 4 miles North of Colorado in Wyoming’s Capital City of Cheyenne.

Swan Ranch Midstream

Swan Ranch Midstream consists of the Cheyenne Rail Hub crude to rail transloading facility and the Bridger Swan Ranch offloading and blending facility.

Granite Peak Fuel Services

Granite Peak Fuel Services was sold to Pilot Thomas Logistics in April 2018. Granite Peak Industries added the Fuel division to our family of companies in 2016 and we are proud to have been able to serve the Rocky Mountain Region over the years.

Granite Peak Construction Services

Granite Peak Construction Services is a civil earth work contractor. With late model GPS guided equipment We can efficiently and accurately meet all of your grading needs.

Casper Industrial Rail Park

Granite Peak sold its share of Casper Industrial Rail Park in 2019.

Casper Crude to Rail

The Casper Crude to Rail facility was sold to US Development in November 2015. Together with our partner, Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners, Granite Peak Industries is proud to have developed and constructed the facility.